I was walking around the shopping district of downtown Copenhagen, when I stumbled across this tower and church. Copenhagen is a pretty small city, but I found I could walk around aimlessly and was never very far from something interesting.

History lesson of the day: The Rundetaarn was built in 1642 and is Europe’s oldest functioning observatory.

Rundetaarn outside 1

Rundetaarn outside 2

I was pleasantly surprised that, instead of having to climb stairs, there was actually a circular walkway to the top. It made the climb a lot more pleasant, especially with a twisted ankle. In case anyone is curious, this is called an equestrian staircase.

Rundetaarn tunnel

Rundetaarn view through window 3

Rundetaarn view through window 5

Rundetaarn view through window 2

Rundetaarn view 1

Rundetaarn view 5

Rundetaarn view 6

Rundetaarn view 4

Rundetaarn view 8

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