The Alternative Walking Tour

Granada was such a cool city, and the tour guide I had was an equally interesting dude. Not only did he seem to know literally everyone in the city, but he had been living in a cave since arriving in Granada five years ago, which meant we were allowed to go up to visit these caves. I was a little scared at first, but not only was everyone extremely friendly, the view was absolutely incredible.

Granada Tourguide

The Caves View 1

The Caves 1 copy

Some dwellings were what you would expect: A cave with a sheet hanging over the entrance. However, most were much more elaborate. They had real doors (with locks to deter squatters), windows and even sprawling gardens. Of course, the german couple had the nicest looking cave. Their summer cave to be exact. The community was even more fascinating to me. They all worked together to grow food and other “herbs” and every Thursday they hosted a massive dinner party complete with tribal dancing. There’s no running water, but they had just pooled together to set up a wifi hub… where they got the electricity to do so, I have no idea.

The Caves View 3

The Caves View 4

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