I was in Berlin a few weeks ago to celebrate an old friend’s birthday. It was such a great evening and also the first time I’ve really attempted to photograph people. I also learned a new trick with my camera to help bring more color to my photos. Better late than never!

The day of his party I agreed to help his girlfriend bake the birthday cake, but since my forte really isn’t baking I just ended up being there for moral support… I felt horribly when, in the end, she’d left out the flour and the cake was less than an inch thick. In order to make her feel better I told her about the time I’d attempted to bake cookies to impress this guy, but ended up mistaking baking powder with baking soda (or the other way around, I still really haven’t learned) and they came out as these disgusting biscuit cookies. The story got a laugh, but also probably made her regret asking me to oversee this whole debacle. Michael ended up being really sweet and comforted her, telling her he was sure it was going to taste wonderfully. I never heard from the guy after the biscuit cookie incident, which honestly reflects more on him that me, but I still think at this point I should steer clear of preparing baked goods.

DSC_0777DSC_0792DSC_0861DSC_0872DSC_0887DSC_0900DSC_0940DSC_0875  DSC_0958

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