Summer Has Finally Arrived

And I am not happy about it.

People with my complexion were not meant for temperatures above 70 degrees (21 C). At a wonderful 95 (35) I could feel my skin burning and then slowly melting every time I left the shade. On the way to Pisa, we were trapped inside one of the only train cars without air conditioning and even though all the windows were cracked open, there was no breeze. In order to stay positive, I told myself this was perfect preparation for Southeast Asia, which will most likely be much much worse.

Pisa itself was so much bigger than I remember. There are so many quite, narrow streets, with cute cafes and wonderful colors. At around 6 pm we made our way back to the square, where everyone was deliberately disobeying the signs to “Stay off the grass.” I have come to love the italian’s relationship with rules.

We stepped over the fence, kicked off our shoes and enjoyed the cool breeze as the sun set. We then decided that if we ever make another day trip we won’t start the journey during the hottest part of the day.




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