Sharing a Room with Fourteen Boys

Yes, the more people sharing a hostel room the cheaper it is, but is it really worth it?

My hostel experiences have been pretty varied, but a mostly enjoyable experience. I am a quite reserved person in the beginning, but I have never found it hard to make friends. I am also pretty easy going (unless the following happens), and I like to be frugal while on the road. Everyone, however, has their limits. I must now draw the line at more than 6 people sharing a room.

While traveling to Prague with my sister last summer we found a ridiculously cheap room in the center of town, the only catch was we had to share it with 15 other people. No problem, we said, that’s why ear plugs were invented, we said, the more the merrier, we said.

Famous last words, said the universe.

This was also the first time we had experienced a co-ed room. Most people you encounter while traveling are very friendly, but when we first entered the room we were face to face with a group of four guys chilling in their boxers who pretended like I hadn’t just tried to introduce myself to them. Very awkward. Yes, I understand it was 96 degrees, with Washington DC levels of humidity, but come on, please at least put bottoms on that have a sealable flap, so I am not subjected to seeing your privates before we’ve even exchanged pleasantries.

The room was made up of several different isolated cliques and no one’s schedules matched, so for the next couple of days sleep was pretty much out of the question, especially when some people turned the lights on and off at 2 am to simulate the rave they had just left. Then came the absolute last straw. An alarm started going off at 6 o’clock in the morning and kept going off for the NEXT TWO HOURS. 

Oh, hell no.

Note to everyone else in the room: Staring daggers or breathing heavily at the guy so deeply asleep he can’t hear his phone go off 18 times is not going to work.

I am the least confrontational person I know, but according to everyone I am related to, I turn into Hyde if I am woken up in the morning. So I hopped off the bunk bed and violently shook this kid awake, to calmly tell him to turn his (expletive) phone off before I threw it out the (expletive) window. Startled, he groped for his phone, and quickly turned it off. Satisfied with how terrified he looked I slept like a baby for the next 5 minutes, before other people started getting up.

Luckily, these awful people were replaced by a massive group of Brits two days later. These boys were a blast. They were friendly and inclusive, so much so, that my faith in the Hostel system was quickly restored. 


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