Town of Wild Dogs

This town has probably been my favorite, before getting to Chiang Mai. I was still surprised by how touristy it was, but we stayed in the weirdest little hostel owned by a guy who slept on a mattress on the floor in this tiny room behind the front desk. He was a character. He made me eggs in the morning, Thai style, with soy sauce on them and a hot dog on the side. I also made my first friends on the trip, which is always the best. A couple of British guys from Nottingham (being the typical American I just exclaimed “Oh, Robin Hood!” at him. He was nice enough to act like that was the first time he’d heard it).

They told us how they’d gotten in pretty early and had a run in with the infamous wild dogs of Ayutthaya. Luckily, an older woman who ran out of her house to beat the dogs off with a water bottle. I wish I’d been there to see it… from s safe distance.

We ended up spending the day together and that evening befriended these two Aussie kids while on a boat ride around the city. That evening was so much fun. Eating dinner, asking each other questions about our respective countries and being told hilarious stories.



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