Since this is my hundredth post I thought I would try to quantify my experiences thus far!!


I spent 31 months saving for this trip,
It’s been 397 days since I bought my one way ticket to London,
And I am on the 270th day of traveling.

I’ve seen 14 countries,
Visited 31 cities,
Flown on 29 flights,
Ridden 17 trains (two of them being the fastest in the world).

I’ve made 7 friends with whom I hope to never lose contact,
Then met up again with 2 of those 7.

I reunited with 3 childhood friends,
Cried 15 times,
Mostly in very public places.

I’ve slept on 13 bunk beds and in one tiny cabin,
None of which gave me bed bugs,
But I have woken up twice with strange bug bites.

Was asked by countless tuk tuk drivers if I needed a ride,
But only took 16 up on it,
The first turned out to be an elaborate scam.

Twisted my ankle once,
Ate something that seriously disagreed with me twice,
And caught one stomach bug.

I’ve booked two flights I didn’t end up making,
Lost $70 in a scam,
Then ended up at a $5 buffet and open bar that evening.

Learned how to say Hello, Goodbye and Thank you in 8 different languages,
But mostly had to get by with awkward sign language and pointing.

I’ve experienced 4 truly terrible hangovers (one of which was spent on a train),
Visited a 7eleven in 5 different countries,
And taken one photo for every dollar I’ve spent so far.

It’s been a truly amazing experience.

One thought on “#100

  1. What about the number of ankles sprained, dollars spent on doctors and meds, number of times taken to the cleaners by swindlers and amount lost (don’t forget eDreams!), number of solicitations by Tuk-Tuk drivers (countless, I suppose). I’m sure you can squeeze a few more numbers out of this trip for us!

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