lost down the rabbit hole

For the past week-ish I have been working on this stop motion project. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try stop motion, plus I’ve been wanting to put something creative together from my trip. Since I lost a lot of my photos on that dead drive, the prospect of creating something was depressing, BUT then I started making my mom’s birthday present and decided to create a stop motion project out of it!

The whole process has been really tedious, a lot of crafting, crouching, climbing and building. I am so proud of the tripod I built out of cardboard, the back of a calendar, two chairs and some plywood. It looks amazing, guys.


I woke up the other morning and my legs were so sore I couldn’t climb the stairs properly, which means not only is this project creatively stimulating it’s also like a work out!

Here’s a sneak peek of the project:


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