It’s dangerous to play the what-if game, but my biggest regret when it comes to my trip to Asia: that I didn’t grab at the offer to travel with this really amazing girl from Chile when she invited me to join her further north in Thailand. Instead I went back to Chiang Mai.

With her went my dream of forming a badass all female travel group through Southeast Asia…

Then again maybe if I had gone of this detour, I would have never have gone to Japan and met the people I did there, which would have been a shame. In the end, you can’t change the past, but you can learn from it! (I’ve become one of those motivational fridge magnets)

On my last day in Tokyo, I did get a small taste of what traveling with women might have been like, when I spent the day with Kelly and Caitlin. Praise the company of women.

Photo Sep 21, 18 59 01Photo Sep 21, 19 18 45Photo Sep 21, 20 26 45


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