Who am I? Where am I? 

…what am I doing?

I have always wanted to travel the world, so as of December 2014, after two years of saving money I finally had enough to do it. I quit my job in Los Angeles, sold all of my large possessions, packed the rest into my car, drove across the US and then flew to London, the beginning of my extended adventure around the world!

I am not really sure how long the trip will last or where I am going to go exactly, but that’s what makes all this so exciting!

So far I’ve: lost my luggage in London, relearned the quirks of Germans in Hamburg, climbed a volcano in Lanzerote, reunited with an old elementary school friend in Berlin, had fun ogling all the hot dudes in Copenhagen, frozen my ass off in Granada, bitten off more than I could chew in Sevilla, gotten stranded in the middle of no-where Portugal, enjoyed myself in Amsterdam, stayed in the creepiest hostel in Vienna, ridden with the craziest taxi driver in Venice, (successfully) spent a month avoiding getting hit by crazy Italian drivers in Florence, been on my first yacht in Crete, fallen in love in Sweden, braved the humidity and sudden downpours of Thailand, survived my first stomach bug in Asia, and used one of those squat toilets at a Muay Thai match. That was fun.

An epic train-bus-tuk tuk-walk to the Cambodian border never really panned out.

What did happen was the following craziness: two days in Singapore, which is an epic jungle city with the worst hostels, then Bali, which was way too touristy for my taste, but I got the chance to dance the night away, twice, then the worst 14 (might as well been a million) hour-multi flight-journey to Japan, which has stolen my heart and also almost all of my money.

I wanted to go to Hong Kong next, but eDreams canceled my booking without telling me, so it’s Tokyo for a week longer and $600 down the toilet. But that led to a little romance as well as more bonding with one of my favorite people.

Cambodia was insanely hot! I finally experienced Southeast Asian summer, holy crap. I was literally drenched in my own sweat. Cambodia itself was fascinating. I wish I had more time to spend there, but sadly my trip to Asia had to be cut short. Till next time! I get to spend 4 hours at the Shanghai airport. That counts as visiting China right? My phone’s internet was censored and I was the only female on my flight to Cambodia. That was interesting. My seat mate was a sweetheart though. He pilfered me a pillow and saved me from an overly aggressive Chinese man.

I headed to Brussels for the second reunion with a childhood friend. Then met up with another friend I met while traveling in Spain. I love reunions!

I spent the holidays in the States. Got to see my family again and some old friends. I also was able to take a mini road trip through the Southern US. There really is no place like the South. The food, the manners, the vibe: all one of a kind.

Next up: figuring out what to do post-travel. Obviously, I need to make money, but I also want to do something that interests me and that allows to the freedom to travel more.

Map of the world

Check out photos and stories from my travels so far!

10 thoughts on “Who am I? Where am I? 

  1. Hey! I take it you were in Thailand during wet season judging by your description of the weather? I’ve unwittingly booked to go to South East Asia at that time of year this year – was just wondering how often the weather was sunny for you?

    Also, did you make the graphic on this page yourself? It looks great!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much :) Yeah, i made it in illustrator.

      I was in Southeast Asia August – October and got really lucky with the weather. It only really poured a handful of times while I was there, and even then it wasn’t for more than an hour. I have a friend from Thailand, and she says it really just depends. Some years it’s really rainy and others it’s not, but she says that usually it’s not so horrible that you can’t do anything. I wish you luck, and I hope you have a wonderful trip! Where are you planning on going?

  2. That’s so good to hear coming from a person who has experienced it and a local! Knowing my luck however, it will be 90 days of non-stop rain…
    Thanks! Nothing set in stone yet but Thailand, potentially Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, then I’ve got a working holiday visa for a year in Australia after that (which I’m hoping will earn me enough so that I can swan off to New Zealand and Fiji during my time there!)
    It’s a shame you’ve only seen the inside of Shanghai airport – China is fantastic! I definitely recommend it :)

    1. I really wanted to see China, but sadly I didn’t have enough time. I’ll have to organize a trip there, Australia and New Zealand are next :)

  3. Hi Dillon. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Your journeys sound amazing and I love the look of your blog. You must be an artist as well as an adventurer. I haven’t even been to L.A. yet, and you were living and working there – that in itself would be a new adventure for me. I’ve still got some wanderlust left in me – you’re helping inspire me to get on with it sooner rather than later. Happy trails!

    1. Aw thanks so much! That means a lot :) Canada is high on my list to see next. Although I am sure they exist, I have yet to meet a mean Canadian!

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