Busking Part II

Again, I really need to learn to play an instrument. Although my busking friend told me he made a lot more money than usual performing with three lively and entertaining Germans with more stage presence than talent, so that’s slightly encouraging.

These guys had both.





A Reunion in Copenhagen

After 14 years of letters, post cards, presents and emails I reunited with an old friend in Copenhagen. I can’t describe how amazing it is to see someone after so long. Thanks to Facebook, I knew what she would look like, but I was so curious how she would sound.

Copenhagen hadn’t changed much since February. Yeah, the snow has melted and the trees are budding, but it’s still absolutely frigid. We didn’t let the weather stop us from enjoying the city or bonding over how many attractive men there are…



Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, constructed out of the ruins of St. Nicholas Church.

Here is a continuation of the really bizarre sculptures in Denmark. I truly cannot get enough.

I am not a church 1

I am not a church 2

I am not a church 3



I was walking around the shopping district of downtown Copenhagen, when I stumbled across this tower and church. Copenhagen is a pretty small city, but I found I could walk around aimlessly and was never very far from something interesting.

History lesson of the day: The Rundetaarn was built in 1642 and is Europe’s oldest functioning observatory.

Rundetaarn outside 1

Rundetaarn outside 2

I was pleasantly surprised that, instead of having to climb stairs, there was actually a circular walkway to the top. It made the climb a lot more pleasant, especially with a twisted ankle. In case anyone is curious, this is called an equestrian staircase.

Rundetaarn tunnel

Rundetaarn view through window 3

Rundetaarn view through window 5

Rundetaarn view through window 2

Rundetaarn view 1

Rundetaarn view 5

Rundetaarn view 6

Rundetaarn view 4

Rundetaarn view 8