Free Walking Tour 

I was really excited to learn that there was a free walking tour in New Orleans. I thought this was something specific to Europe. I LOVE free walking tours, not just because I am on a budget, but also because of the people that also take them and the tour guides. It feels like I am exploring the city with a local friend. I think when I stop traveling giving walking tours in a city a settle down in would be a really fun job that would allow me to feel like I am still traveling. Given that meeting new people is one of my favorite parts of roaming around :)

Dave, our tour guide, was a character. A New Orleans native his tours were a one man operation, which he started 4 years ago. He seemed to love what he did and I enjoyed the tour.


Abbey Road in New Orleans

It’s been so long since my last post! The holidays have been really busy, but hopefully I can get back to regular postings now :)

I was in New Orleans this past week, which was unlike any other American city I’ve been to. It’s hard to describe, it felt a little like Berlin, but really southern with better locals, food and music (sorry, Berlin). The homeless population there was a little out of control. It felt like I couldn’t walk a block without being asked to spare a little change or partake in some tourist-trap ripoff. Despite that I really enjoyed my time here. It was a unique and pretty old city (for American standards, haha), with a lot of interesting history.


A collection of photographs from my two and a half years in California.


Aislinn and graffiti

Windmills and mountains   Saloon window

Broad City Wall Art

OC Fair

Parking Signs

Rocky Horror


San Diego Uni

Tall trees little person

Wolf Unicorn

Sunset Santa Monica

Tamecula Vineyard

Zoe has wings

Graffiti dumpster

circle of death

Beach Rockclimbing

Bricks in Little Tokyo

Disney Concert Hall

Berlin Wall in LA


Downtown Temecula

End Street Harrassment

Ben Howard concert

Beach Sunset