lost down the rabbit hole

For the past week-ish I have been working on this stop motion project. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try stop motion, plus I’ve been wanting to put something creative together from my trip. Since I lost a lot of my photos on that dead drive, the prospect of creating something was depressing, BUT then I started making my mom’s birthday present and decided to create a stop motion project out of it!

The whole process has been really tedious, a lot of crafting, crouching, climbing and building. I am so proud of the tripod I built out of cardboard, the back of a calendar, two chairs and some plywood. It looks amazing, guys.


I woke up the other morning and my legs were so sore I couldn’t climb the stairs properly, which means not only is this project creatively stimulating it’s also like a work out!

Here’s a sneak peek of the project:



A collection of photographs from my two and a half years in California.


Aislinn and graffiti

Windmills and mountains   Saloon window

Broad City Wall Art

OC Fair

Parking Signs

Rocky Horror


San Diego Uni

Tall trees little person

Wolf Unicorn

Sunset Santa Monica

Tamecula Vineyard

Zoe has wings

Graffiti dumpster

circle of death

Beach Rockclimbing

Bricks in Little Tokyo

Disney Concert Hall

Berlin Wall in LA


Downtown Temecula

End Street Harrassment

Ben Howard concert

Beach Sunset

Walk around Berlin

Here are some of the stops on the walking tour!

tour guide1

Our lovely guide Theo, who was not only very knowledgable, but also kind enough not to call me out for taking pictures of him. Also, the girl’s face is just too good.

holocaust memorial

The memorial to the murdered Jews of WWII is something the artist refused to explain.

Hitlers Bunker

I thought it was interesting the bunker where Hitler committed suicide was sealed off shortly after the war and now resides underneath a parking lot, with no plaque or designation.



The German Cathedral in Gendarmenmarkt. Both cathedrals in the square were heavily bombed during the war, so sadly most of this church is a reconstruction.



Checkpoint Charlie3

Checkpoint Charlie2

Checkpoint Charlie, where for 5 euros you can get a DDR stamp in your passport.

ein Stück aus Berlin

Berlin has such a rich and interesting history, though most is quite depressing. The 3 hour walking tour was by far my favorite part of my trip. Two and half days wasn’t enough time to really experience the city, and I found that I spent a lot of my time trying to navigate the public transportation system. My goal, whenever I get a chance to go again, is to find out things to do from locals.

berlin wall art4

Brandenburger tor1

Fernsehturm and church2


Giant Nutella

Kissing Berlin Wall

Original wall2

Original wall4


Tax office4