If I’ve learned anything on my travels so far it would be that knowing how to play an instrument (specifically a guitar because it’s easier to lug around) and being able to perform said instrument with an air confidence is the way to go.

I’ve met several musicians who are able to get by on performing alone, which makes me want to go back in time, tell my child-self to get over herself, learning to play piano isn’t really as boring or horrible as she thinks and will pay off big time in the future. Oh, and also to sign herself up for singing lessons. Is it too late now?


So these guys were awesome! There was also so much happening on the roof while they were performing. Passion, intrigue, and grabby fans! But most importantly love. We were all privy to a magical moment unfolding between a married hungarian man and a young spanish woman named Africa. Through impossible odds they found one another on a fancy roof top and didn’t let unexpected hurdles (like adult-braces, being in public and most importantly a spouse back in Hungary) stop them from showing everyone around how much they cared for one another.  Unfortunately, I chickened out trying to capture this epic love story. Instead I give you a british man rapping! It’s equally as awkward (sorry, James), but, unlike PDA, it’s endearing.

Yeah, I know, my camera skills are amazing.


A collection of photographs from my two and a half years in California.


Aislinn and graffiti

Windmills and mountains   Saloon window

Broad City Wall Art

OC Fair

Parking Signs

Rocky Horror


San Diego Uni

Tall trees little person

Wolf Unicorn

Sunset Santa Monica

Tamecula Vineyard

Zoe has wings

Graffiti dumpster

circle of death

Beach Rockclimbing

Bricks in Little Tokyo

Disney Concert Hall

Berlin Wall in LA


Downtown Temecula

End Street Harrassment

Ben Howard concert

Beach Sunset

On the Water





River and tree

Lübeck had a really beautiful river lined with all kinds of boats. The owners of which watched us in amusement as we tried to translate confusing signs to figure out if we needed to pay for parking. I felt like I was in LA all over again…